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Why Your Kids Need a Before School Routine

Why Your Kids Need a Set Before School Routine

To get your school day off to the best possible start, you will need a before school routine. This will make sure everything gets done and that the kids know what to expect each day. Knowing what to expect is a great comfort for kids. There are many reasons to make sure your kids have a good routine. Here are four benefits along with some tips to accomplish each.

To make sure they get enough sleep

Setting a routine that kids have to be up at the same time every day helps them get the sleep they need. This also helps them get up at the same time each morning. Our bodies get used to a routine so it’s easier to wake up. That means less morning trying to drag your kids out of bed. SCORE!

Fewer Fights

Having a consistent routine helps minimize fights. If they know what the steps are for getting ready each day, they are more likely to follow them. Your kids will know get up, get dressed, and what steps they need to do next. This allows you a bit of breathing room. Once this routine is down, you will have time to do your takes like make lunches, and get yourself ready for the day.

To Ensure They Get a Healthy Breakfast

When kids are rushing around they are less likely to eat a healthy breakfast. In most cases they grab something while running out the door. These types of breakfasts won’t keep them full until lunch. That leads to less concentration in class and falling grades. Getting into a routine leaves them time to sit down and eat a breakfast that will be filling and good for them! Plus you can get in some talking time to see how they are doing and what is coming up in school.

To Teach Them How to Live on a Schedule as an Adult

Staying on a schedule is a very important skill to have. As an adult you need know how to live on a schedule, work on a schedule and do it successfully. Your kids will be better prepared for when they need to live on their own and hopefully raise their own kid the same way.

I suggest making your routine and making a chart or list and putting it in a visible area for each kid. This way they can reference it as they are learning. It’s also great to keep them accountable to their routine.

What reasons do you have for your morning routine?

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  1. M.Clark says:

    Morning rituals make life much easier, especially if you have a lot of people in your home and everyone has their own time to use the bathroom. A routine helps thins to work like clockwork.

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