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50 Words of Affirmation for Kids

In any aspect of life, it seems like we’re more apt to jump to a negative thought or comment, rather than embracing positivity.  I’m guilty of it for sure – I’m quick to complain about something, but far less swift to provide a compliment – and am trying to change that.  As a parent, I’m hoping to bring more of a focus on positivity in our house, especially with positive praise and words of affirmation for kids.

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As an adult, you know how good it feels when you’re complimented or commended for something.  Kids experience that same good feeling, multiplied.  Positive affirmations for children help to establish their self-worth and know they have a parent “in their corner” who believes in them.

Try speaking one of these positive affirmations for children to your child each day.  It may feel a little funny at first, but you might be surprised at how good both you and your child feel hearing them.  Some will be more relevant for younger kids and some more relevant for older kids, but I’m sure you’ll find a few that work for your family.

50 Words of Affirmation for Kids

1.  You did a great job cleaning up.

2.  I’m so impressed at how you kept working on that until you figured it out.

3.  I’m so glad you are my child.

4.  You gave me the best job I could have – being a mom to you.

5.  It makes me proud to see the person you’re becoming as you grow up.

6.  I love spending time with you.

7.  You are a really hard worker.

8.  You are an excellent big brother/sister.

9.  You did a great job on your homework today.

10.  I’m proud of how hard you work at school.

11.  You inspire me.

12.  Wow, you really light up the room.

13.  You were so brave today.

14.  I love how kind you were to your friend.

15.  You tell me the funniest jokes ever.

16.  It’s really impressive how honest you are.

17.  Thank you for your help cooking dinner – it made it so much easier for me.

18.  You are a really generous person.

19.  Did you know I think you’re the best kiddo in the whole world?

20.  I know you can be successful at anything you want to do.

21.  Wow, you were really resilient in that situation.

22.  You’re really improving at that!

23.  You played a great game today.

24.  I’m impressed by how much you’ve been practicing that.

25.  You were really courageous today.

26.  Thank you for being so polite at dinner.

27.  You were really on top of your chores this week!

28.  I’m so happy that I have you in my life.

29.  Even on tough days, know that I always love you.

30.  You make this world a better place.

31.  I’m always impressed by how much inner strength you have.

32.  You have such a kind heart.

33.  Guess what?  I was having a bad day, but getting to spend time with you turned it around into a good day.

34.  One of the best days of my life was the day you were born.

35.  I’m really impressed at how independent you are.

36.  You are being a really great listener today.

37.  That was a great choice you just made.

38.  You always make me smile.

39.  You can always make me laugh.

40.  Our family is really blessed that you’re a part of it.

41.  Wow, you are so creative!

42.  You really made a difference today.

43.  I’m proud of how respectful you are to your teachers.

44.  I can’t believe how much you are learning!

45.  I hope you know I’m always happy to talk with you, even about hard stuff.

46.  I’m so grateful for you.

47.  Your practice is paying off – you’re really getting better at that!

48.  I can see that you’re becoming more responsible.

49.  It’s OK not to succeed in every challenge – I’m more impressed that you tried really hard.

50.  You always have such great ideas!

I hope these words of affirmation for kids help put a smile on the faces of those little ones (and big ones)!

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Share:  Are there any other good positive affirmations for children that you’d recommend?  Have you struggled (like I have!) on the balance between positive versus negative talk?

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