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DDP Yoga Review & Giveaway

DDP Yoga Review and GiveawayAlso known as “It Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga”, DDP Yoga is a great program combining popular yoga poses with martial arts inspiration. DDP Yoga is not traditional yoga. It is a hybrid of yoga, muscle resistance training, breathing techniques, and functional power movements. The combination provides an excellent challenge for all fitness levels. And, all the workouts are entirely low impact. Initially, I thought these workouts would be too easy, but they are far from that. I felt muscle soreness in areas I have not felt in a while.

If you have not heard of DDP Yoga, you may have seen the story of Arthur Boorman. An obese man of 300+ pounds, walking with crutches, who’s life was changed by DDP. The video of his story went viral and I have seen him on more than one talk show. He is certainly the most amazing testimonial and spokesperson for the program. Other transformation stories and photos on the DDP Yoga website are just as inspiring.

Yoga Weight Loss Success Story

More info from the DDP Yoga site:

The main benefits are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardio levels all without placing undue stress on the joints. A valid comparison to yoga is they both provide increased flexibility and core strengthening.

It is currently used by professional football players, professional as well as amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and want to place themselves in the best position to see career and life changing results and improve their quality of life.
I received a copy of the Combo Pack DVD System for review, which includes the following:


  • Diamond Dozen
  • Energy
  • Fat Burner
  • Red Hot Core

DVD #2

  • Below The Belt
  • Diamond Cutter
  • Red Hot Core

DVD #3

  • Wake Up
  • Stand Up
  • Strength Builder
  • Red Hot Core

DVD #4

  • Mix Tape
  • Double Black Diamond
  • Red Hot Core

Program Guide Including: 

  • Introduction to the workouts
  • 13 Week workout grid
  • Phase 1, 2 & 3 Nutrition Guides
  • Food Lists (what to eat, what to avoid)
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Food Journal
  • Workout Journal
  • Progress Journal

Diamond Dozen Poster – clear instructions for the programs 12 essential poses.

I am really enjoying this program. I find the creator and instructor, Diamond Dallas Page (hence, DDP) to be both charismatic and inspiring. His back story is quite interesting as well. Mr. Page was a professional wrestler who had what doctors said was a career-ending injury at age 42. After his wife told him to give yoga a try, Mr. Page created his own blend and in 3 months, he was back in the wrestling ring and went on to become the heavyweight champion 3 times. Talk about a never-give-up attitude. That’s the kind of instructor I like!

Mr. Page has also created his own “yoga” vocabulary. He has his own terms for nearly all of the poses. For example, child’s pose is “safety zone” and mountain pose is “touchdown.” It’s actually kind of fun and likely more approachable for folks who have never tried yoga. In the Diamond Dozen video, you are introduced to the DDP Yoga signature moves. First Mr. Page explains each move and then either he or an assistant shows the move. Mr. Page really focuses on form and recommends that participants consciously tighten all muscles to get the most from each pose. I found this both unique and challenging.

If you are looking for a relaxing yoga video, the DDP Yoga system is NOT for you. However, if you are looking for a yoga-based program to help you lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, you may just have found what you are looking for. In fact, DDP Yoga has such a loyal following that they even have their own community website with nearly 20,000 members.

WIN your own copy of DDP Yoga. 

Please enter and tell your friends!
Disclosure: I was given a free copy of DDP Yoga for review. I received no other form of compensation and all opinions expressed (except those quoted from the DDP site) in this post are my own. 

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Tuesday 24th of September 2013

Doug, Stacey and Arthur!!!


Wednesday 5th of June 2013

Yoga becoming more and more popular for people who looking to lose weight


Sunday 7th of April 2013

It's not just the yoga, it's also an education in how and what to eat. In January I attended a seminar at DDP's house. I met him, Arthur, and the Yoga Doc Dr. Craig Aaron. All three are phenomenal.

Before and after the yoga we discussed eating properly. We learned to stay away from GMO foods and the processed crap that is advertised.

Believe me, this program is what you've been looking for.

Scott H

Sunday 7th of April 2013

Arthur's story is definitely inspiring. I'm currently suffering from lower back issues that have limited my mobility horribly, so it's great to see such a drastic change.

DL King

Sunday 7th of April 2013

I read every transformational story I especially liked Jake and Arthur's and Dylan but all of them were very inspirational.

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