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Revealing Younger Looking Skin

revealing beautiful skin with tula

This review is sponsored by Sverve on behalf of Tula. All opinions are my own.

Revealing Younger Looking Skin with #TulaForLife Challenge

Do you ever look at a child and marvel at their beautiful skin? I often marvel at the softness of my daughters sweet cheeks. Ah, to have that soft and smooth skin back. Wouldn’t that be nice? I must admit that I sometimes neglect my skin. Some nights I’m so tired that I even go to bed with my makeup on. YIKES!

The folks at Tula asked me to take their #TulaForLife 30 Day Challenge. I was excited to take this challenge and really concentrate on ME for a change. I needed a good kick in the pants to make sure I complete a full skin care regimen both morning and night. Here I am on day #1 of the challenge.

Revealing Younger Looking Skin with #TulaForLife Challenge

The Tula product line is named for the sanskrit word for “balance.” It is one of the first skin care products to use probiotics as their main ingredients. According to Tula:

Tula Probiotic Technology was created using some of the most nutritious ingredients in order to refresh, protect, revitalize, diminish and prevent the signs of aging so that we can maintain a youthful complexion and a healthy skin tone for as long as possible.

These ingredients help protect the skin against negative environmental influences. The Probiotic Technology promotes a natural balance, externally supplying nutritive elements to the skin and thereby helping to stabilize the skin’s immune system.

Revealing Younger Looking Skin with #TulaForLife Challenge

I have had good results taking probiotics for my general health and immunity, so I was very curious to see how it would work on my skin. I was given the following products for this review:

  • Purifying Face Cleanser
  • Illuminating Face Serum
  • Revitalizing Eye Cream
  • Hydrating Day and Night Cream

I have been following the 4 step regimen for the past 3 weeks. The first step is the the Purifying Face Cleanser. It starts as a smooth and light gel. As you rub gently, it turns into a light lather. It felt very nice on my skin and easily removed dirt and makeup. I often use it with a light spin brush in the shower to help exfoliate a bit more before applying the other products.

Next, I use the Illuminating Face Serum. This product is enriched with probiotics to even the skin’s tone and promote a youthful glow. With the first application, I felt a slight warming of the skin. This was not in an irritating way. It actually felt rather nice. Future applications have not felt this way. I’m sure my skin just needed a day or two to get used to it. The face serum goes on easily and absorbs quickly.

Revealing Younger Looking Skin with #TulaForLife Challenge

The next step is the Hydrating Day & Night Cream. I love that there is one product for both day and night. This product is is creamy, but not too heavy. It goes on smoothly and does not feel too greasy. It takes a little more time to absorb, but I find my makeup applies easily over it. My skin is rather sensitive when I try new products so I did go through some breakouts in the first week. My skin has since cleared up and feels very soft and smooth. I am paying careful attention to apply the day and night cream to my neck too.

Lastly, I use the Revitalizing Eye Cream. This has the thickest consistency, which feels luxurious on the gentle eye area. You only need a little bit to pat and smooth over the skin. This one still tends to give me a warming sensation when I apply it, but feels rather nice and does not seem to irritate my skin.

Revealing Younger Looking Skin with #TulaForLife Challenge

After 3 weeks, I am thrilled to show off my before and after results. I think this photo really tells is all. My skin is definitely more balanced. It is less red, looks more refreshed and refined, and my fine lines are minimized. As we head into the winter months when my skin tends to get dry, Tula is helping to keep my skin soft and supple. I did not even realize my face was so red until I took this “after” photo. I am very impressed by the difference the Tula system has made on my skin. Keep up with other reviews by following the #TulaForLife hashtag. You can be social with Tula on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. You can find out more and purchase Tula products on QVC too.

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  1. Stacy says:

    This looks like a great, healthy line of products. Very interested. (You look great in both photos.) I see what you mean though about a more refined non reddish appearance. Still look great in both!

    Anyhow, the products are very fascinating!

  2. Kayte CookWatts says:

    You look fantastic!!My biggest problem is breakouts- still- in my forties… it’s pretty fun.

  3. Lena says:

    Love the different lines of skin care. I think it is time for me to look into different skin care options

  4. I can see the difference. It’s not always possible in these before and afters but WOW!

  5. What a lovely after photo, you can tell that your skin is more balanced for sure. I will have to check into Tula for myself when I am looking for new skincare.

  6. Krista says:

    I have never heard of Tula For Life. Thanks! I am really in need of a hydrating night creme

  7. Cinny says:

    You can definitely see the difference in 3 weeks. I love the turn out and effects that appear after using this cream, must get my hands on some.

  8. Rebekah says:

    Your “after” photo is amazing. Such a noticeable change in only 3 weeks. I admit, I am sometimes too tired to wash my face at night as well. I need to develop better skin care habits and your results are very motivating.

  9. Jenna Wood says:

    Wow, you can see the transformation beginning in just 30 days! I love how even your skin tone has become and I think I even see a lightening of pronounced dark/age spots.

  10. katherine says:

    Wow, the redness is always gone! I’m totally sold!

  11. Holly S. says:

    I have fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead that I’d love to lessen the appearance of. Your before/after looks so great! Your skin is so even and glow-y!

  12. Patty says:

    I’m glad you have found a system that works so well for. The difference in the three weeks is definitely visible in your two photos – the redness is gone. My main problem is dry skin and those pesky little lines around my eyes and mouth

  13. My biggest problem is red undertones and signs of aging. Love the turn out with this product! You can see a difference in the before and after photo! Thank you for this information as I had never heard of this brand before!

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