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Zaggora Hot Pants: The Challenge

Zaggora Hot Pants Challenge


Zaggora Hot Pants Challenge and Review

A while back, I reviewed the Zaggora Hot Pants 1.0. Now, they have updated their technology and launched the 2.0 version of their fabric in all of their apparel. I’ve decided to take the full Zaggora Challenge, which is a 6-week program following their fitness routines and diet guidelines.

zaggora hotpants review

running in Florida with my Zaggora 1.0 pants

The Zaggora site provides both exercise and diet guides for free. The exercise plan looks solid with choices for different fitness levels. Workouts are 5 days a week and vary between 30-45 minutes. 30 minute walks are encouraged for “off days.” The diet guide provides a 2-week meal plan along with overall dieting tips, recipes and shopping lists.

So far, I’ll say that the Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0 are a bit more comfortable than the 1.0 version. They are thinner and a bit more flexible. That said, they still feel a bit like wetsuit material, but they definitely help me get my sweat on. Yesterday, I word the pants all day, even under my jeans to “feel the burn” even without added exercise. I currently have the Zaggora Capri Hot Pants. I’ve also ordered their nude shorts and Svelt Melt cream. I figure the nude shorts will be easier to wear under clothing and in bed. With a beach vacation coming up in April, I’d love to see some improvement in the cellulite on my thighs.

I can’t wait to report on my progress. Check back next week for more.

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